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Co-op has been pretty good. Stressful and somewhat overwhelming but good. I work with a kid on Tuesday and Wednesday that I seem to have hit it off with and also a girl on one day and a different girl on the other day who don’t seem too chatty. (They have already been there for a while). I think I know all the PO’s names but I keep forgetting to ask the people who come in their names…and then forgetting them once I find their PO. I also seriously need to get used to just walking into a court room when arraignments are happening. Trust me…it is scary lol. Answering the phone is also scary unless the person on the other end only wants to be transferred to someone. 

Yesterday was pretty busy but the girl we worked with was a beasttt and knew legit EVERYTHING about what we were doing and the courthouse. If she hadn’t been there…well let’s just say it is good she was. I am nervous for tomorrow though because the boy I worked with the past two days will not be there and I think it might just be me and that girl. My anxiety does not make me cut out for these kinds of things haha. 

Hopefully it goes well and next week when all the other interns start they will be terrified and we will know what we are doing. 

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